Welcome to


Welcome to!!

This has been a long time coming and I am glad to finally have a new shiny and updated site to share my work. I have had smithfineart for just over 3-years as of this writing (still have it for the next 8 btw, LOL), but times have changed since I started that site and I have grown. I have fine tuned where I am going with my photography and how I am communicating so I wanted to have that reflected in a new site.

If you are new to my site, then welcome! Otherwise, frequent visiters might notice that things obviously look different. My overall goal is to have a cleaner palette to show my work and share my experiences with others. I have focused on making the images bigger and more of a main focus. I found through the 3-years with the other site that I really wanted a better blogging system rather then just a portfolio site. After all, a LOT of my best images show up in my blog posts, as well as allowing me to showcase a lot more images then I would want to show in the galleries section. I also wanted to make the site visually simpler and a bit more minimalistic. Again, this all allows the images to stand out.

Overtime, I will continue to add and modify this site so it will best suite my needs. For now it is mostly a finished product. There are some areas that need more work, but the most important part, the blog, is up and running how I want it. The galleries section will grow over time, but for now it is showcasing what I consider my best work for each of their respective categories. There will be sections showing up and disappearing over time, but that is all part of the process of finding what works and what does not.

For the Aperture 3 folks that have been visiting my site over time I will ask that you be a bit more patient. I am going to have a dedicated page specifically for my Aperture 3 information. Having a one-stop location will make it easier for people to get what they need and make it easier for me to keep up with it.

From this point forward will no longer be updated. All my old blog posts have been imported into this site and all future work will be only available on I will be keeping the old site up for a couple more weeks, and then all links will be forwarded to this site. So please bare with me if you fine broken links. In fact, I ask that if you do spot something not working or out of place that you contact me about it so that I can fix it.

A few more minor things about the site before I quit talking your ears off. Most old blog posts before this one may look a bit different then future posts. I will be talking less (a first for me right?) and making the images the main feature. This will hopefully allow me to blog a bit more often. I can take photos all day long, but typing is NOT my speciality. On top of that my older post may have smaller images and will not be taking advantage of some of the newer features I can use on the site. Moving forward, blog images will now be clickable so that you can see the images larger, and  mostly full screen. There are also some new ways of showing images. There is a new slider that will display multiple images in a row. Simply click the left or right arrows (or the images themselves) to scroll the slider. In fact, you can even use the arrows on your keyboard to navigate the sliders or even the gallery images. For an example of how future post might look check out the previous post to this one, Random Beach Day, for some new shiny goodness.

So there it is. A new site, but the same old Nate! Enjoy! :D