Christmas time is upon us once again. Since 2004 we have been going to Christmas Knoll Tree Farm to get our tree and this year was no different. Going to this specific tree farm has become some what of a tradition for us and it is something we look forward to each year. Through rain or shine (mostly rain) we have made the trip out to the farm to select the perfect tree for our Christmas holiday.

Each year that we go we notice changes to the tree farm here and there (like the old building being replaced with a new one), but for the most part it's the same familiar faces and atmosphere each year. There is always cookies, hot chocolate, and hot apple cider available for everyone to enjoy, as well as plenty of people there to enjoy them.

There is also Jazz. The big, brown lab that is always hanging out inside where the food is. She has also been a regular fixture since we have been going. Each year she will come to our table and with those big sad eyes (and a HUGE belly) make you feel like that cookie you are eating is the only food she has seen in weeks. This year she was not up and prowling like normal, but instead seemed more somber, tired,  and "old". She simply laid on the floor and watched as everyone came in and out and only once did I see here get up and move.

I snapped some photos of her laying on the ground and her owner's watched me do it. They asked if I minded e-mailing the photos to them and I said I would happily oblige. Fast forward 2-days and I needed to call the tree farm to get the e-mail address to send the photos. I was told over the phone that Jazz had to be put down. This was unexpected and of coarse a very sad thing to hear.

She was an old dog and I am sure she shared in many great times with her owners and made thousands of people happy each holiday. We will no longer see Jazz each year when we return to the tree farm, but thankfully I was able to capture the photos of her just before this all happened. Some traditions will continue and as expected there will be changes along the way.