Tip of the Hat

I would not normally share images of just myself, but I have one that I felt was worth sharing. I recently helped a friend with some headshot photos for himself and somehow I ended up in front of the camera as well. Now, before I go on, I need to preface the rest of this post with the fact that I am SO not a country person. I don't care for the music and and not a big fan of the style. I can appreciate it on others, but it does not fit what I generally like.

You might see where the image below of your truly is a bit out of place for my character. That said, it is a rather nice image of me, cowboy hat and all. Sometimes we have to go outside out comfort zones to find and experience new things and it can be hard when we don't open up to new possibilities. This image will not change my opinion of the country lifestyle or music, but I can appreciate that my own vision of myself is not what everyone else sees.

The other reason that I wanted to share this photo is because of two other factors. The first is that I am working on a few changes to myself, a little body modification if you will. About a year ago I stared a diet and lost 36 pounds. I looked better and felt better from it. I slowly gained back about 18 pounds over the last 6-8 months. Now I am onto round two and working on losing those 18 pounds and possibly some more on top of that. Wish me luck!

The other "modification" that I will be under going is growing a beard. I can tell you now that if there is one thing that I KNOW I can do well is grow hair; It is like a super power. So I am embracing it and for the foreseeable future I will be going all Grizzly Adams with it. I know that a lot of people may not like or care for it, but I feel it is something I need to try at least once. I will also be taking photos of the progress each week to document it and possibly create a fun animation sometime down the line.

The second part of this is tech related and has to do with the software used. If you don't care about that stuff then you can stop reading now. I used OnOne's Software's Perfect Suite 7 to edit the entire photo. Besides the use of some basic stuff in photoshop, the entire image was worked on in their software. The recent release of Perfect Suite 7 introduced us to Perfect B&W as well us updating their previous software. I felt this would be a nice test for the suite.

Specifically I used Perfect B&W 1 and the updated Perfect Portrait 2 to edit the image. This is not a review ( I do plan on a mini review soon though) but rather a quick shout out to OnOne for not only making a great product but for also the their continued improvement of each product. Their software was intuitive to use and offered lots of options while editing this image.

So for now that is it. Thanksgiving is this week and I look forward to some tasty food and fun family times. I wish the same for everyone else.