Nearly a year ago I started going to a barber shop that is right down the street from our home. I had passed the shop hundreds of times and never thought twice about going there since my wife had been cutting my hair for me for nearly 10 years. For whatever reason I decided that I wanted to break tradition and visit the local shop. I was tired of the same cut and while free hair cuts at home are always nice it is also nice to try new things. From that first visit on I have been going to Daryl's Style & Barber Shop and have loved going each and every time. 

Of coarse I leave with a swanky new hair cut and feel & look good, but there is more to the experience of going to a barber shop then the end result. Through the numerous visits and chats with the barbers at Daryls the idea that a barber shop is a sort of "club" has popped up many times. Most people enjoy belonging to some sort of group, club or society and I think that applies to going to the same barber over and over. As you continue your patronage to the barber shop you meet new people, shoot the breeze, share stories and really become a part of the history of the shop. Not to mention that they get to know your style and what you like, so the hair cut comes out the same each time.

Speaking of history, that is was one of the main reason I felt required to photograph this piece of americana before it became forgotten. Now, I'm not saying that they are disappearing off the face of the earth, but things come and go, and it is nice to make sure that places like this are remembered. In fact, a few month prior to this post Daryls celebrated 40 years of business. That is a pretty long time for a business to be around, not something you can say about every business (circuit city anyone? OH BURN!). In my relatively short amount of time going I have meet multiple people that have been coming to Daryls for well over 30 years. One gentleman has been going there since they opened, and another was a former barber himself that had retired from his own shop.

So going to the barber seems to be all up side for me. I get to support a local business that has been around for over 40 years. I get to meet interesting folks and chat about whatever the goings on are. I leave with a nice clean hair cut and feeling good about myself. And to top all of that I get to participate in a practice that goes back for thousands of years. Where else can you go an let someone put a razor sharp... well razor, against your skin and feel perfectly fine about it?

With that, I'll leave you the photos below that were captured on two different occasions. A big thanks goes to Chad and the gang at Daryls for allowing me to hang out and photograph them so that I could share this bit of history with everyone. I highly recommend finding a local barber shop in your area and joining the club.

Photos shot with a NIkon d700. Processed with VSCO film for Aperture 3.