On the way home from the photo group BBQ last weekend I took note of a few places I wanted to return to and possibly get some photos. Last night I did just that and was able to get one photo I had in my mind's eye as well as a few others that presented themselves.

The first image of the silos was something I noticed on the drive home as it was sunset and there some very interesting shadows. This was the one image I knew I wanted to walk away with.  There were loads of clouds in the sky creating a very dark backdrop and making all the fore ground images stand out.

The images of the farm and the fields was a waiting game. I found a place that I liked and simply waited for the sun to get low enough to peek under the clouds. After nearly an hour of sitting, things came together to get the photo I wanted of the barn being illuminated by the sun. In under two mins it was all gone and darkness fell.