Slice of Light | March 20

I have been rather bored of photography lately and it has shown with my lack of new and interesting imagery of late. There is so much noise in my life at the present time that I simply have not had the motivation to "try harder" or make the effort to make new images.

Now, since I have said that, I am going to go 180º and do just the opposite. I am going to give myself a project. This is something I have been thinking about for a couple of months while we endured the last bits of winter. I am not interested in doing anything fancy, dramatic or even artistic, BUT I do want to work on two things, light and consistency. 

This is project for ME and not for anyone else. I am not going to be producing fabulous works of art or even, in some cases, images that even make sense. I am after light, period. The specks of sunlight that sneak in past the curtains, soft patches that appear for only moments on the floor, or sharp and abrupt patterns that are formed between the shadows. These are the things that have grabbed my attention in the last couple of months and now I feel that they have given me very small, but important purpose, to capture them.

These images will more then likely be boring and lackluster. That is ok, again, this is a project for me to work through and hopefully wake the creative beast that is sleeping inside of me. I am tired of NOT creating, I am tired of NOT caring, and I am tired of waiting. So, come along for the journey, or not, that is up to you. It is no going to be filled with wonderful images of beautiful places and thought provoking imagery. Then again, maybe, just maybe, it will?