Silverton Oregon | Downtown & Frank Lloyd Wright

I have been in pain a lot lately. I have been dealing with a hurt back and some other things as well. In an attempt to push through the pain, focus on creating new photos, and getting out on a beautiful day, I decided to go on a mini adventure.

Silverton is a small, eclectic town east of Salem known for its artiness, its proximity to Silver Falls state park, and Donald Pettit the astronaut. Also tucked away in the Oregon Garden, just on the edge of Silverton, is a Frank Lloyd Wright creation, the Gordon house.

I made my way out to Silverton specifically to shoot the Gordon house. I was unfortunately not able to get inside the house, but was able to get some shots from around the perimeter. Afterwards I took a stroll through downtown Silverton and found some gems of a time gone by.

Captured with Fuji X-Pro1 and 35 ƒ1.4 lens.

Seasoned with VSCO Film for Aperture 3.