Shedding my Skin

Shedding my Skin

On July 4th I decided to change up and simplify my site. It was due for a change, but more importantly I decided to be honest with myself and anyone that might still come here and share with everyone the kinds of images I want to be making.

Put plainly I have been bored and not interested in photography for awhile now. This has been partially due to internal changes with processing photos and lack of motivation. You see, I am a bit of a picky person when it comes to... well a lot of things. This little devil has been whispering in my ear that there was no need to apply any effort into anything if it was not going to come out "perfect". Like the dumbass that I am I listened to that voice and even turned the volume up on it at times. It was right and I simply didn't have any interest in challenging it.

This has lead to a fairly elongated creative slump. The thing was, it was ok going through all of that. During that period of time while I was not focusing on the next big image I was doing other things. Not everything I did was worthwhile but It let me have an escape from the "need to create" and that pressure (that I internally imagined) to create the perfect images. Now don't get me wrong, I still desire "perfect" images, but we'll talk about that in a minute.

The reality is that I am most happy when I am creating images of people. I have images of landscapes, architecture, flowers, food and so on, but none of those really get me going in the same way as shooting people. Up until this point I worried (A LOT) about what my images said about me as a person and because of that I restricted what images I shared. That is changing as of the 4th of July. I DO still care what people think of me, but I can not longer hold back sharing images from people.

I have made the choice to go back to shooting for myself and creating more art driven images rather then going down the "wedding/portrait/senior" photographer path. Each of those disciplines taught me a great deal in handling situations, lighting and a myriad of other things and I am grateful for having done them.

So... my goal moving forward is to be myself. Sounds easy enough, but I think it might take some time to get use doing such things. Its a scary thing to leave your comfort zone but that is what I need to do. If I ever plan on getting my love of photography back to where it used to be I need to make changes and follow through with them. I know that I will get there, and the process has already started with these changes and this post.

Before I finish up my babbling I want to share a quote from renowned photographer Gregory Heisler that seems quite fitting for my situation. I paraphrase a bit to keep it short, but if you follow the link above you can watch a video with him and hear the quote firsthand.

Shoot what you can’t help but shoot. Those will be your best pictures and those will be the pictures people will respond to.

Here are a couple of pictures that I can't help but shoot. Respond away!