It has been awhile since I blogged last. I have been sick, very sick. Thankfully I am better now and have been itching to blog. With being sick I was unable to go out much so in turn I was unable to shoot many new photos. That is where the reprocessing comes in.

During the my time being ill Visual Supply Co. released their Film 03 presets for Lightroom 4 and I decided to snag them. I am not going to review the presets as there are loads of reviews online, but I did want to share some new versions of older photos. Their film 03 pack tries to recreate instant film and there are ton of fantastic looks that are achieved with them. Here are my attempts with the new presets.

Polaroid 690 +

PX-680 Warm ++

Fuji FP 3000b Negative Early Pull

PX-680 Cold

PX-680 - -

Polaroid 669