Passion Growing | Life with the Xpro-1

It is kind of hard to make blog posts about photos that are from all different points in my life and from different events. Most of the time the photos all revolve around one event that has some consistency to them. The problem that I have ran into is that I am shooting a LOT with my X-Pro1 and not all the photos are from the same time.

I should say that this is a good thing... no, make that a great thing! Before I started shooting with the x-series (x100 & X-Pro1) cameras, all my photos were taken with either my iPhone or my Nikons. I love shooting with them, but the Nikon always meant I was "working" when I lifted it to my eye and the iPhone could be a bit of a bugger to work with in some situations. The x-series cameras have filled a void that I didn't know needed filling. They have brought back passion and fun to shooting photos again for me, and more specifically allow me to capture daily life without feeling like I am "Working."

Sometimes simply picking up a camera is a chore and takes away from the thrill of capturing the mood or moment that you want. They can be big, clunky, and just more then was worth dealing with. Now, between my iPhone and x-series cams I don't feel like that much any more. That leads back to all the random images I am getting. My X-Pro1 has been at the ready since I got it, which has lead to the random snaps. While the cohesion is not in the images themselves, there is cohesion in the gear that I am using to capture my daily life and in my growing passion for my new gear.

Captured with Fuji X-Pro1 and 35 ƒ1.4 lens.
Seasoned with VSCO Film 01 for Aperture 3.