Missed Opportunities

I have been going through some older photos from 2015 and found a few that I missed sharing. I had been trying to make a choice between using Lightroom and Capture One Pro for months and finally went with Capture One Pro. Losing Aperture 3 was a big hit for my workflow and general photo organization/editing.

Now that I am in the Capture One Pro camp I have been learning the interface and figuring out how everything works. Honestly with shooting B&W photos in camera more recently I have little reason to process images much anymore. Simplifying everything down to just shooting what I see and getting a mostly finished image appeals to me a lot. Its very much like shooting film, but without the cost associated with purchasing the film. I am happy with the results that I am getting and hope to continue for awhile in that direction.

Now for the images below. These were shot during a trip to the coast last year and I missed out on sharing them. With my processing skills back up to par and an actual desire to share images at all I figured these would be a good place to start. Enjoy!