I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a Fuji X100s camera this past week. They have been VERY hard to get and been out of stock from most retailers for awhile. After seeing a post on twitter about a store that had them in, I jumped on the opportunity to get one.

One of the features that Is on the x100s (and the previous model, the x100) is the ability to use "film types" built in the camera such as Velvia, Astia, Provia, etc. Along with those color type films, the ability to shoot black & white with different color filers (red, green, yellow, etc) is also built in. I shoot RAW so these effect don't get applied to the RAW file, but they do get applied to jpegs. With this in mind I created a custom black & white setup in the camera that allows me to see the image in B&W while I am shooting and can save the B&W jpeg with the RAW If I so choose.

It was a great exercise to use this B&W preset and shoot with the intent of creating only B&W images. The x100s produces excellent images in camera and the B&W processing is executed beautifully. The images below are the RAW images with a B&W preset applied to them in Aperture 3. Next time around I considering shooting RAW+jpeg so I can compare the in camera B&W jpegs to the RAW converted images.