Its been awhile since I have made a substantial post about something of any real interest to me (and prob a lot of other people as well). That is why I have a confession. I have been scared! Yup, plain and simple, scared. See, here is the thing. I KNOW that I love photography and that is what I am SUPPOSED to be doing. I also know (tooting my own horn a bit here) that I am skilled at it and can make some nice photos. The problem is that I have been letting this fear get the best of me and let it keep telling me that I had better things to do and that I was never get the images that I really should be making.

Once winter hit and the normal case of doldrums and depression set in as it does each year and  the fear became worse. Normally I can get over it and start shooting around Feb-March when the weather gets a bit nicer. This year it has taken me nearly 6 months (4 extra months that is) to get my ass in gear and do what I should have been doing. I am over it! I am tired of the self doubt and the constant nagging of that voice saying I couldn't do something. I tried my best to shoot things and I wound up shooting the same old crap over and over. Flowers, landscapes, and other repetitive (to me) things that I really had NO interest in shooting on a regular basis. I wanted to shoot people and I wanted, no, NEEDED to do it soon or who knows what would happen.

For the longest time I have been wanting to really sink my teeth into street photography. It is a style that I really like and enjoy seeing images from others who do it. The one thing with street photography is that you really have to get close to people to make the best images most of the time, or at least the images that I want to make. I consider myself a people person and get along with most anyone easily and don't have a problem talking to strangers. But put that camera in my hand and then ask me to talk to someone and I couldn't do it. It was that fear eating at me again.

A few events in the recent weeks seemed to help me finally get my act together and tell that voice in my head to EFF off and let me get on with things. First off I went and saw the movie "Finding Vivian Maier" when it came to Salem and it was FANTASTIC! Her work is amazing and every time I look at it my passion for photography is re-gnited. Another photographer who is passionate about street photography put together a presentation for our last photo group meeting. His presentation was excellent and it gave me more fuel for the fire. Lastly, I have been taking better care of myself and exercising more as well as taking vitamins and all that. I feel great from it all! All of these things have combined into my brain being about to get passed all this crap and finally get back on the horse.

This all leads us to today. The culmination and the start of what I am hoping will be a rekindled passion and a new adventure. Today my friend Rick and I met downtown to do some shooting. Having a "photo wingman" of sorts was very helpful and also very fun. We talked and walked all while enjoying the weather and snapping shots along the way. Its been hard to get out and shoot by myself, but when I have others with me its not a big deal. He helped me get over that initial fear of going out and simply doing something. We walked all around downtown with no real agenda. This gave me the time to practice some different shooting styles and find what worked and what didn't. The images below are the results of our trip. Some are ok and some are meh, but I felt so excited afterward to see the images and it was a feeling I had not felt in a VERY long time. 

We are planning on making this a fun little event that not only he and I can do but also for our photo group to enjoy as well. My goal is to keep this fire burning inside me to the point that even next winter won't put a damper on things. This is something that will have to be a wait and see thing, but for now I am feeling great and am ready to finally take some photos.