Civil War Reenactment 2014

Each year over the 4th of July weekend there is a civil war reenactment at the Willamette Mission state park. I have been fortunate enough to attend almost every year (missed last year) and have a great time each visit. I have made friends, seen familiar faces, and had the opportunity to create new photos each year.

This year I made it once again to the event and for the first time since I have been going, I had the opportunity to have my wife and son with me. They had a fun time and it was extra fun for me to point out different things to them that I had experienced in previous visits. My wife was so enamored from the event that she may indeed be looking into participating in it as some time in the future.

For now though, enjoy the photos below of all the different details, characters and scenes that we were able to enjoy.

For any interested here are photos from 2010 and 2012.