Each year the photo group that I am a member of has an annual BBQ. Its a great time for all the members and their families to come together and socialize as well as participate in some fun "photo" related activities such as a photo scavenger hunt.

This year was different. There was loads of good food, great friends and some fun photo opportunities to be had.

- One -

- Two -

- Three - 

- Four -

- Five -

- Six -

- Seven -

- Eight -

- Nine -

- Ten -

As a special technical note, for those of you are fans of the Fujifilm cameras, the photos above are a mix of straight-out-of-camera B&W images and RAW converted to B&W images. The reasoning behind this is because I am experimenting with the built in settings in the camera for producing B&W images to see what I like so I have been shooting RAW+Jpeg. In some cases the B&W images SOOC (strait-out-of-camera) look fantastic and other times they fall short. At the moment it is a work in progress as to which settings best work for many situations, but I am overall pleased with the outcome.

Can you tell the difference? Half of them are SOOC and the other half have been edited in Aperture 3 with VSCO film presets. Hover over each image to get a number that corresponds with the image and list in the comments which you think are which if you want to make a guess.