Demo of OnOne Software's Perfect Photo Suite 6

I have used OnOne Software's software for a while now and have been pleased with all the extra features it allows me in editing my photos. When I heard they released version 6 of their software I wondered how it impacted Aperture 3 and what changes we might see with it's interactions of the app. So.. taking advantage of their 30 day trial I downloaded the software, installed it, and got right on trying it out. Since you are required to uninstall version 5 to install version 6 I figured that there might be a slight barrier to entry for some folks out there with an older version installed. On top of that some people simply don't want to deal with installing anything at all, so for those that might be hesitant or restricted, I created a mini demo of the wares for you to check out.

This video is NOT, by any means, a how-to. Simply put, the suite of apps is quite intensive with the sheer amount of abilities it adds. My main goal was to focus on using it from within Aperture 3, the perspective of an aperture user and how it fits within workflows between Aperture 3 and Photoshop. There is still a need for photoshop in many people's workflows, but OnOne offers a fantastic answer for those who may not want to use or can not afford Photoshop. And don't think that Perfect photo suite 6 is application specific, on the contrary. The suite is designed to be self standing and can be launched from Aperture, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or Lightroom (or by itself). So, if you were to move from one application to another you will still be able to use the suite without fear of being forced to purchase a different version.

All in all it a big step up for the software and the fact that you can launch any of the OnOne products from within the main user window (Perfect Layers 2) means that it makes things even more simplified for the end user. There are still a few of the plugins that open in a new window such as Focal Point 2 (one of my FAVS to use), but regardless, all the software works together very nicely.

So, if you have been on the fence about trying out version 6 or upgrading from version 5 then maybe the mini demo video will help you to decide. As for me, the fact that it simplifies my workflow without taking anything away makes it a winner in my book!

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