While I still have a ton of images and experiences to blog about I thought it might be nice to step back for a minute and show a couple images that were missed since the start of the year. These images are one offs... as in, they are nice images, but I didn't have an exact blog post for them to fit into at the time. So throughout the year I will be taking these stragglers and posting them into a "One Shots" post.

I will try to give a little backstory about them as well (if they have any at all) to keep things interesting. So lets start.

This image was captured when my friend Steve and I went for a walk in Bush Park. It was a nice January day and we were both tired of being cooped up in the house. Looks like someone had a wedding photo shoot going on so I couldn't help but snag a frame.

My friend and past co-worker, Ed, had a rather nice selection of toys at his disposal. There were plans of getting rid of some (if not all) of them so he wanted to capture an image of all of them together. I loved this shoot because it not only created a dynamic photo, but it also involved help from a couple other photog friends. I love collaborating on shoots and find it is a great learning/teaching experience for all.

This shot was taken during a Salem Photo meetup (I blogged about it a little while back) back in February. The shoot was focused a bit more on some back alleys in Salem and such. While we were out shooting the fellow above (sorry, I forgot his name) asked about what we were shooting and struck up a conversation. We talked for a few then I asked for a portrait shot of him since he was framed so nicely in the door way.

This is a tulip. It is growing out in front of our house. The light was nice. I took a picture. The end. ;)