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Did That Just Move?

Video, PersonalNathanSnow

Yeah.. I know the title is a bit odd, but when you land on a photography blog you expect to see, well.. photographs. Unless you live in a world of wizards and witches, quiditch and polyjuice potion, then you would expect photographs to be stationary and not something out of Harry Potter. So what am I talking about then? Simple.. video!

I recently acquired a Nikon D7000 which has the ability to record HD video. I have always liked playing around in video, making neat transitions or adding goofy effects, but most the time the video I was shooting was never that good. I should rephrase that.. it was the equivalent of a "snapshot" in photography. Nothing over the top, just home video documenting vacations, parties, people, places, etc. The devices I have had to record my surroundings have always been the standard "soccer mom" stuff. Now though.. I have the ability to capture video not only in HD, but I can use all the beautiful glass (lenses for you non-photogs) that my normal camera can use. This has opened up a whole new world and way of thinking for what I can create.

So, am I going to give up on still images? HECK no! Photography is my passion, my love... my precious!! WHOA.. sorry for the Lord of the Rings bit there, but you get the idea. Am I going to become a film maker just because I can record in HD 24 fps and have limited depth of field? UM.. YEAH!! LOL.. well, not really. I will however enjoy creating a new kind of "image." Something that moves, something that can possibly speak to the viewer in only a way that movement can do.

Oddly, working with video has helped me hone my abilities when shooting stills. Nailing the image in camera is WAY more important to do since you have next to no latitude for adjusting the video afterward like you do with a RAW image. The discipline for capturing a perfect image has always been a challenge in photography, but at least there was some wiggle room after the image was captured. I am still learning how much wiggle room there is for video and I may never truly find out, but then again.. the experimentation and creation process is what I crave from the experience the most.

So with all that said.. enjoy the two videos below that I created on some of our finest, normal Oregon days.

Please watch these in full screen HD (720 or 1080) for the best experience.. Oh and turn up the volume, the piano is beautiful! :)