Tutorial, ApertureNathan

Aperture 3 Tutorial | White Balance Tip

Tutorial, ApertureNathan

It has been awhile since not only my last Aperture 3 tutorial, but also my last real blog post. I have been enjoying some off time with my family and working on a lot of other projects. I have added a studio to my lineup of tools now and have some other exciting things in the works as well. For now though lets get back on track with the blog and more specifically Aperture 3 learning.

In the video below I mention that I have a dedicated domain to take you right to the tutorials now. That domain is aperturetuts.com. This will forward you to smithfineart.com/aperture, but I felt it was bit easier to remember and also to pass on to others.. so why not. In the future I may even break aperturetuts.com out on it's own, but for now it will just be a forwarding link.

So now for the meat and potatoes of the post.. the video. This is not only a tip, but also documentation of a possible bug that I came across. I am not sure if it is only my system that is experiencing it so if folks out there would like to chime in and let me know if I am crazy or not I would appreciate it.

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