Canterbury Renaissance Faire 2010 | Part 1: The Portraits

Today the family and I packed up and took a small drive to a magical place.. the Canterbury Renaissance Faire. Its a 4 day renaissance faire just outside of Silverton that is in its 2nd year. Since we have never been to a Renaissance faire before we didn't know exactly what to expect but had a feeling that we would see and meet some interesting people. The event took place among a small wood of trees and really made you feel as if you were walking into and around a time long gone by. Children ran around bare foot and covered in dirt, people were dressed in everything from armor to gypsy outfits and there were even some pirates. As expected I couldn't be amongst such people without taking a bazillion photos.  Since I have so many photos from the event to share I decided to break the photos into smaller parts so that I could show more photos per each blog post. Since I love photographing people and making beautiful portraits I will start with the citizens of this event to showcase the different characters that we meet and befriended throughout the day. The first photo is of my beautiful wife who received a wonderful medieval hairstyle that seemed to get a lot of attention.