The Rydell Belles Photo Shoot | Behind The Scenes

Last week I assisted my friend, Chris David, on a mission to photograph a local roller derby team, the Rydell Belles. This was a fly by the seat of our pants kind of shoot since most of the details were not set in stone and we were not really sure of what was going on. The location for the shoot changed at the last minute also so we were really winging it. Regardless we worked out the details and were setup in under 30 mins for the shoot. All the lighting gurus out there seem to be doing some sort of behind the scenes videos now a days, so I decided to whip out the trusty iPhone and shot some video. Below is my little video. It was fun making it and I hope to do more in the future. Make sure you hang around until the end.. there's a surprise ;) .Don't forget to watch it in HD and full screen since its a bit hard read everything otherwise.