Time to Study

Today I paid my water bill. I know, not exactly how you would think a photography based blog post would start out but wait… it gets better. So like I was saying.. I payed my water bill today. I did this at city hall. A place that I have been to a few other times and driven past thousands of times. Why is this significant? Well that place is an amazing study of light and line. As some of you may know I had a thing for art back in my school days, and I still do. My photography is not just capturing a moment but is also a statement, in some way or another, in art. I can't photograph something and let it be, I have to play, that is the artist in me. Back in the day it was colored pencils, chalk, paint, or any other medium that I could play with. Now, its all digital baby, and I LOVE it! 

So lets step back to that "study of light and line" comment that I just made. Study is not something that you tend to hear very often in and around the photography community. Maybe, if you have a kid in school it comes up a bit more but for the most part the "study" of something tends to be a lost term with a lot of photographers. Now, let me preface this by saying that I don't  always "study" something nor am I claiming to be a master photographer, but I do appreciate and enjoy walking this "study" path once in awhile. I have never trained or been taught the ancient secrets of past photographers and I don't formally know what all the details are in the traditional sense. 

So what do I know? Simple! Getting lost in something and observing it, capturing it, and enjoying it fully is what "studying" is for me. Observing something or someone and appreciating the interaction of shapes and curves, light and shadow, space and placement is what its all about. Genuinely peering into a space and looking beyond the obvious and opening your mind to new possibilities. Time goes away and only subject and I exist. At times I am oblivious to what is around me except for what I am focused on. Other times it is everything that is around me that I am focused on which can be daunting or overwhelming but also exhilarating and surprising. Its hard to put it all in words but I believe that anyone that creates knows exactly what I mean. Put simply, I'm in the zone. For a better understanding or a more "tangible" comprehension of this feeling and mood, I would recommend the movie "Cash Back". It pretty much sums up this whole subject.

So what about the photos? All of the photos below were shot with one of my favorite cameras… the iPhone. It's there when I need it and I like the challenge of working within the limitations of its less then "professional" capabilities. All photos were taken and edited on the iphone. It really is a great little tool and I look forward to shooting with it more. I used a combination of apps to produce the different looks that you see.  I used Tiffen Photo FX for most of the black and whites and Plastic bullet for the grungy looking photos.

Look for more photos from the iPhone in an upcoming post what will be dedicated to only iPhoneography.