A couple months ago I got a Woca camera. Some of you may have heard of holga cameras before but for those who have not let me shed some light on it. This is a quote from wikipedia "The Holga is an inexpensive, medium format 120 film toy camera, made in China, known for its low-fidelity aesthetic." So the fact that the camera is a toy and ultimately produces inconsistent images that are unique to each and every holga, you would think that most people would shy away from them. On the contrary, those facts support the very reason to have and use one.. individuality. Because of the flaws of each camera there is a uniqueness to the photos that is produced. Holgas have become a cult favorite camera for producing a more vintage/artsy image.

Now back to the Woca. Woca cameras are essentially a holga camera with one major difference.. the optics. Holgas have a plastic lens and Wocas have a glass lens. This might not seem like a major difference but that small change significantly alters the quality of the image, especially the sharpness. So now for the images. I played around with a couple rolls of 120 film to see what exactly all the hub bub was about. It took me a little bit to see the pros and cons of the camera but was able to leverage them and made some fun images from the Oregon coast and the Portland Japanese Gardens. A couple of the rolls were slide film but I had them cross processed which adds an even more vintage feel to the photos. For the most part what you see are almost all direct out of camera images. I did do some minor color and contrast adjustments to make up for the scanning process but the overall look and feel is from the film itself. Digital cameras may be the wave of the future but film still has a look and feel that is very hard to reproduce. There are in fact some photographers that still use film for all their work and swear by the results. I will stick with digital but I WON'T forget my roots.

Interested in seeing work by "film only" photographers? Check out Jonathan Canlas's blog and Tracy Tesmer's site.

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