Aperture 3 Presets | Take 3


David Hill is a popular photographer known for a very unique and distinct style of photo. A lot of his work has a surreal look to it that drives a desire for emulation by many photographers. Achieving an over all effect that correctly emulates his work is not easily done and can not be achieved with out some effort. Aperture does have some wonderful capabilities and with the ability to save presets allows us to emulate many different effects... but David Hill's work is not one of them. While I have attempted to create a satisfactory preset package that goes down the general road towards the "David Hill Look" I feel strongly that these presets will not take you all the way. Using these presets to start the process may be a better way to think about how they work. They will produce a similar effect on the right photo but may require some tweaking to achieve a more polished result.


Over the Hill - Aperture 3 Presets

Download Over the Hill presets