Bow wow WOW!

I visited with my sister in law this morning at her pet grooming business D'-Tail Pet grooming. Outside of family things we discussed some d'-tails about an upcoming project that we are going to be working on together. She takes dogs (mostly) and cleans them up and makes them look nice. I like to photograph things that look nice. So it only makes sense to combine our talents and offer customers a clean, cut, and shoot package. We are still working on the d'-tails of the whole thing but any folks around the Salem, Stayton or surrounding areas should contact her for more information (503-769-7868) or keep an eye on the D'-Tail Facebook Fan Page or my blog. Since I was already there and happened to have my trusty D200 and Sigma 30mm ƒ1.4 (LOVE THAT LENS!!) I couldn't resist taking a couple quick shots of the doggies she had in the window!

A quick side note... YES these photos are all "off color" but it IS on purpose. I used some custom presets that I created for Aperture 3 to add the styled look to the photos. I specifically used the preset "Fufu Berry - Pink Fufu - Fluffy" on all the images you see. Feel free to check out my post on these presets and download them as well.

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