Getting Warmer | Aperture 3 Presets


Today was ANOTHER beautiful day here in Oregon! It was still a tad cool but out in the sun it was wonderful! We took a walk this afternoon at Minto Brown park and enjoyed the weather. Its still a bit early to see any major changes from the warm weather but there were signs everywhere that spring is around the corner. Trees have blooms, grass is growing and flowers are popping up here and there. I decided to do something a little different with the photos on today's post. Instead of just straight photos from the walk I decided to do some before and after shots using the presets that I made for Aperture 3. Its amazing how far a photo can go from that original shot to a wonderful piece of art. If you are and Aperture user please take a look at the presets that I have created and feel free to download them.. they're FREE!! :D

Download the presets here.

Island Life Presets
Fufu Berry Presets