Spring Is In the Air

Today was GORGEOUS! We have had some off and on warmish weather but today was nice all day and I took advantage of it by getting out and shooting some photos. I had no plan other then to have my camera in front of my face over the course of the 2 hours that I was out. I picked a general direction and started driving that way until I saw something or someplace worth stopping. I made it outside of Salem and saw Mt. Jefferson off in the distance. It was such a clear day that it took no effort to see the details of the mountain. Across the road to the west was the coastal range. There was a nice little spot in between the trees where I was able to get a couple shots as well. After a short time along the side of the road I headed to a near by park that I had never visited but have known about for some time. Honestly there was not much there worth looking at so I started looking for some small details. Once I decided to walk back to the parking lot I heard some chirping coming from behind me. There were two sparrows chasing each other around the bush that I had just passed. I had about 2 seconds to get a shot.. I fired twice and walked away with one decent photo. All in all it was a great day and I look forward to spring and all that comes along with it.

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