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Perfect Models

Nature, PersonalNathanFlowers, Animal

Today I had a friend stop by in the morning to borrow a piece of equipment. Right before he left we were standing outside talking when I happen to look down and see a dandelion seed thingy.. not sure the official name of it but you know what I am talking about. Anyway.. As I looked at this dandelion seed thing I noticed how perfect it was. I am not sure why this particular one looked so perfect, but it did. There was a lot of space between the seeds and rather then looking like a big fluffy golf ball it looked more like a child's geometric toy. So off I went to grab the camera and the macro lens and snag a few photos.

About 15 to 20 minutes in to shooting the dandelion I felt something tickling my leg. I looked down and a ladybug was crawling on me. I picked it up and set it off to the side, about 2 feet away. After another minute I look over and she is gone. I look down and she is crawling on my shoe, what's the deal?! I take her and put her back to the side again. I go about shooting for a few minutes, even changed my position. After another 3 or so minuets I noticed that she had walked all the way over to where I was sitting and had stopped on the edge of the driveway. "Okay" I said.. I picked her up, put her on a leaf and started photographing her. She had obviously wanted me to take photos of her, but must of been to bashful to ask :P.

So during the next couple of minutes I photographer her on a leaf, picked her up, put her back on it and repeated the process (she kept walking off). After doing this a few times I kinda noticed that she kept walking towards me. When I put her down she didn't walk into the grass trying to get away from me.. she kept walking TOWARD ME. At this point I figured that she either loved me or was mad at me for picking her up and she was trying to come bite my face off. After about 20 minutes of shooting her I finally stuck her on a rather stiff plant thing sticking out of the ground. She climbed to the top of it and stopped. No more climbing, crawling, stalking, whatever.. she was done. I quickly changed positions so I could get some nice photos of her up close. This went on for about 5 minutes straight. She never moved from the spot. This was obviously her attempt at holding a pose like a trained art model.

Its funny.. I never knew my day was going to involve a photo shoot with a model (and a adamant one at that), but I will take them as I get them. I walked inside with hundreds of photos and prayed that I got at least one that was good. It is SO hard to shoot something that small, especially when it is moving. I am happy to say that I got more then one. OH.. and in the end.. she was not a crazed, stalking, high-strung model.. she obviously had a thing for me because if you look close in the last photo.. you will see a heart! ♥ ;)