Tutorial, ApertureNathan

Aperture 3 Tutorial | Intro to Curves

Tutorial, ApertureNathan

Since I have started making these video for Aperture 3  I have been concerned that I would run out of ideas on things to offer. Thankfully I get a lot of suggestion on twitter and in the Aperture discussion group on flickr. It is hard to judge the level that other users are at when you can't exactly hang out with them so it is nice to get feedback on what topics people want to see. Because of these very reasons I am offering an intro to curves for Aperture 3. It seems to be one of the more requested ideas in the forums. Like I mention in the video I am not the master of the curve adjustment and nor do I claim to be. I have a fairly good understanding on they work and how to use them, but trying to cram too much info into a 10 minute or so video is hard to do. That is the reason I call this an intro to curves. I think that there is enough left over information on the subject to warrant a second video in the future. Still, I wanted to offer something that will get people moving on using them and at least show how powerful they can be.

Since the topic of curves and it's understanding may take some people a bit more experimentation to figure out I am also offering a couple links to other resources on the topic. Joseph Linaschke over at apertureexpert.com has these posts on the topic.



And over on aperture.maccreate.com a search for curves shows quite a few tips and tricks on the subject.

There is a lot to learn about curves and all the neat things they can do. So check out my tutorial and go to the above links and stuff your brain until you are full! :)
Make sure to watch the video in HD for the best quality.

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