Friends Helping Friends

This past week was a whirl wind of activity. I had wedding photos to finish processing from a couple weekends ago and a senior session to shoot and also finish processing. At the tail end of all of that I also 2nd shot a wedding with another photographer and then helped yet another photographer with an engagement session.

It was good times and a great learning experience for everyone involved. Since I have a couple weddings under my belt I tried to hang back at the wedding and shoot details and candids, but I was asked me to take a more involved role. There were three of us shooting this wedding, Chris David, Steven Surbaugh, and myself all walked away with some great shots. I'm glad I didn't just hang back and let the other photographers get all the photos otherwise I wouldn't have had as much fun.

As for the engagement it was a fun time as well. The other photographer, Chris Sabato, is an accomplished sports photographer so engagements photos were a bit of a new direction for him. He did a great job for his first shoot and I hope it won't be his last.

Over all we all had fun, made friends, and also made some great photos. Below are just a few photos from each of the different events. OHHH.. and before I forget.. Only hours after the wedding was over I also snagged a great sunset photo. Enjoy! :)