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Aperture 3 Tutorial | Finding Dust Spots

Tutorial, ApertureNathan

Since it is Halloween I thought I would offer a helpful solution to a rather horrid and scary topic in the world of photography... dust spots. We all hate the little buggers and you can always expect that sooner or later you will be faced with at least a couple here and there. While the general cleanup of the spots is not an over the top thing finding them in your photo can be a bit more tricky. I absolutely hate when I'm almost done with a photo and I zoom it out to look at the whole thing at once and discover a dust spot that was not there before. Where did it come from? How come I can see it now. As we make adjustments to our photos the tonality of areas in the photo can change. The dust spots can hide away in a certain tonal range that only becomes apparent when that area changes.

The method that I am showing is not the be all end all method, but may make it a bit easier to find the blighters and get rid of the easier. The same amount of work is needed to clone them out but seeing the easier is always a welcome thing.

Don't forget to watch the video in HD for the best quality.

**UPDATE** Twitter user @fmedery suggested making this a preset so it can be used on the fly. I thought that was a good idea so I felt it needed to be expressed here. Also a big thanks to the folks at MacCreate.com for sharing my video. They are a great resource for learning Aperture as well as other Mac apps.

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