Roads Less Traveled

Been busy enough lately to prevent me from getting some much needed blog posts out. I will keep this one short and sweet so I can get on to other things.

It was another wonder autumn morning at the end of last week. Since then we have started to have rain and more gloomy weather, but for a short while there was blue skies to be seen and some fantastic clouds floating around. I set out last Friday to find out some info for the local photo group that I am in and in turn snagged my friend Steven and we went out for what I like to call "adventure day." Put simply we drove in a general direction until we found some neat stuff to photograph and quite literally tried to get lost. I did have a old, somewhat hidden cemetery in mind for one stop, but after we visited that site it was all up to the roads as to where we were going. Below are the results of our adventure day. Enjoy.. Oh BTW, the kinda blurred out effect is from a lensbaby lens. Pretty much what you are seeing with the first 4 photos is straight out of camera, not from photoshop.