Early Bird

The old adage "the early bird catches the worm" held very true this past tuesday when I set out pre-dawn to catch some foggy morning goodness. It was a beast of a time getting myself out of bed before the crack of dawn, but since I didn't need to "look pretty" for anyone I basically rolled out of bed, got dressed and left the house. It was amazing seeing it so dark at only 6:00 a.m. with plenty of stars were still out. It was however moist and cool, a perfect morning for my goal.. dreamy, foggy, and artsy photos.

I arrived at my "secret location" for the morning, trudged through the dew soaked grass and found what looked to be a good spot to stand for the next 45 mins to see what happened. It's not exactly a secret location, but it does make this story sound so much better doesn't it, LOL? I will keep the location a bit of a mystery though as it was, more or less, in someones backyard that I was given permission to use. Anyway.. it was a wonderful spot to start looking for my "photographic worms."

After a rather slow and not so "perfect" sunrise from my secret location I headed out and around the Turner area looking for other nuggets of artsy goodness. The fog was sitting thick in some areas and thin in others. It really was an adventure trying to find locations of interest that sat between these two varying levels of fog. I spent a good time driving around, quickly pulling over, photographing whatever I could find, then moving on to another location. I eventually made a stand at a very old and peculiar tree that I had seen numerous times and had always wanted to photograph.

The fog was rather thick so the sun couldn't quite make it through, but I wanted to wait and see what would become of it as the fog cleared and the sun rose. So I waited, and waited... and waited. I had this vision of the light streaming through the branches and leaves of the tree, a glow surrounding it and a gray and pale sky as a background. That never happened, blah! The right combination of light and fog never quite made their way to my spot and therefore I did not get that "golden unicorn" of a shot. I didn't hesitate in taking what shots I could though. It was a wonderful location. It was a wonderful tree. It was a wonderful moment in time. I decided to take a slightly different route and took enough shots of the scene to make an HDR image from it. I have written about my less then steller fondness of HDR in the past, but this time it was a fitting process for a more "artsy" photo... which if you remember from the start of this post, what I was after anyway.

So I walked away with some rather tasty worms from the morning. The tree photo being not only one of my favs from just that day, but one of my all time favorite photos in a good long time. I very much enjoy shooting weddings, people, kids and the such, but finding and creating a piece of art from such a weathered and gnarly old tree gave me very much the same satisfaction. In a way it was like photographing an old man who had been living in the same house since he was born. Stubborn, wrinkled, bald in some spots and covered in others. I sat and had a silent conversation with the old fella and eventually he opened up, grinned at me and I got the shot.