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Aperture 3 Tutorial | Speed up Aperture 3

Tutorial, ApertureNathan

Before I really dig too much more into working with Aperture 3 I thought it might be a good idea to offer some suggestions on how to make Aperture 3 work better for you. I have struggled with my expectation of how I think Aperture 3 should preform compared to how it has actually performed. I have been using Aperture since version 1 and have have had some decent macs to run it on, but I have always felt that it was bit on the slower side until recently. Once Apple released Aperture 2 things started to get better, but it wasn't until a subsequent two point whatever update that we really saw some speed and performance coming from the app.

Earlier this year version 3 was released and it was not only a bit of a surprise (not many people knew when an update would be released), but it was also a bit of another learning curve. We now had a more streamlined application to use and a lot of bits and pieces of the internal code had been optimized to help the app really perform better. This all came at a bit of a price however. With increased demands from the software came increased demand on the hardware.

Up until the release of version 3 I had done everything I could to make aperture as snappy as possible. Little tricks I had learned or things I had observed that helped gain a slight advantage in making Aperture run better. Most things only offered a very small amount of added performance, but when all were used at the same time it did seem to have a bit more of a noticeable effect. The most recent thing that down right shocked me when it came to performance was the huge performance gain that came from installing a new graphics card. I knew that Aperture used the GPU fairly heavily but I also assumed that the graphics card I had (which was rather good when I got it) was up to the task. I was soon proven wrong as the new card trumped the old by 4x and then some.

Anyway, Rather then me going on here about it take a look at the video below and see if any of the tips I offer help you out. I know there are a lot of folks that have macs where changing the graphics card out is NOT an option and that is why I offered up some tricks and software based suggestions to help. As with previous videos, please watch it in HD for best quality.

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