Tutorial, ApertureNathan

Aperture 3 Tutorial | Quick Portrait Enhancement

Tutorial, ApertureNathan

I thought I would share the method that I use to enhance my portraits in Aperture 3. This is the quick version and does not dig into any crazy techniques, but it is what I use a good portion of the time on casual portraits. I use a lot of keyboard shortcuts along the way but I thought I would document them here as well.

  • "Quickstart" preset = q (Adds edge sharpening, and makes exposure and enhance adjustments)
  • Add curves = shift+c
  • Burn Brush = b
  • Dodge Brush = command+b
  • Vignette = control+v (default shortcut in Aperture)

After the video I also made the "s-curve" adjustment a preset and added the shortcut "shift+s" for it. Since and s-curve adjustment is a pretty useful one I figured it should have its own command for it.

Anyway, I hope this video is helpful and shows you how powerful Aperture 3 is. Most photos only need to have small changes done to them to make them "better" so there is no need to have to open them in Photoshop all the time for that. Enjoy the video and leave me some feedback if it helped out. I am also looking for other ideas and topics to create videos for so if you have any ideas let me know. And like the last video (multiple adjustments and brushing them in) don't forget to watch it in HD for the best quality.

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