About a week ago I forced my self to get up at 3:45 a.m to meet with some other photographers at a location called Baskett Slough. It is a wildlife refuge along highway 22 heading to the coast. I had passed by it many times in the past and always wanted to stop and check the area out. This meetup with the other photographers was put together through the Salem Digital Photographery Group. We regularly get together and visit different locations and have fun shooting and chatting.

This particular morning was nothing too special. The sky began to brighten and the colors slowly came out as we waited for sunrise. As time went on only a few moments showed any real color in the sky and were gone so fast that there was hardly any time to dilly dally.

Since I rarely get to this particular area, especially this early in the morning, I decided to drive around and visit some other locations and see what I could find. There were many wheat fields just screaming to be photographed and I had an opportunity to catch the sun just before it completely hid from view behind the clouds.

All in all it was a LONG but great morning. Cool, quiet, and with a little effort some beautiful shots.

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