HI, I'M N8

Ever since I was young I was interested in art... well, that and technology. As I became older and entered high school I enjoyed creating digital images using computers that had about as much computing power as a stapler. Art class was ALWAYS my favorite class and even way back then I was showing signs of incorporating digital tools into my art. Eventually I had a camera in my hand and thus the triforce of artistic creativity was complete.

When asked that age old question of "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I never exactly knew how to answer it. I KNEW I wanted to be an artist and I KNEW that I had some sort of talent in the area, but I was young and unsure of myself. 

Over 25 years have passed since the original question was asked, and while I may still not be "grown-up," I do have an answer to the question... A PHOTOGRAPHER. It amazes me that I had combined the 3 things I loved way back at such a young age (art, photography and technology), but lacked the foresight to know where it would eventually take me.

So where do we go from here? Here are 5 facts about me that are, in general, good to know and are some what relevant. 

1. I'm a father and a husband. Still getting the hang of the dad thing, but I feel I am up to speed with it now. My son is pretty much my clone (can you say mini me), but is showing signs of becoming his own little person... and I LOVE watching the change. I love my wife and have been with her for over 18 years. So, while flirting at weddings (just to get a good expression... I PROMISE) is part of the job... I'm taken ladies. ;)

2. I am originally from the Outer Banks of NC. I am a native of the area... born and raised (I don't have the accent though)! I miss the warm Atlantic waters... always fun to swim and fish in. It was a great place to live as a young lad, but the "real world" was not there and we decided to move to Oregon to find it.

3. I'm a geek! I love me some tech talk and will probably talk your ear off if given the chance. I am also a Mac. Been using Apple products since 1984 and proud of it. I'm an avid gamer, and while it may seem to be a waste of time to some, I can promise you that a LOT of the same skills go into photography.

4. I love Oregon and the NW! I feel strongly that this is where I am supposed to be. The gloomy days can drag on a bit, but over all I love it here. The mentality and the overall "earth friendliness" of most people in the NW feels right to me. (Still miss that warm Atlantic though.)

5. Creating is as much a necessity as water or air for me... plain and simple.

So... with that I will also toss you 5 other random facts about me that have nothing to do with anything. :P

1. I love swedish fish candies... the red ones are the BEST!

2. I taught myself to read, write and speak Japanese... then I never used it.

3. Hackers is my favorite movie and Harry Potter is my favorite book.

4. I have met Andy Griffith on more then one occasion.

5. I love eating breakfast for dinner (who doesn't?)

So there ya go. Now you know all kinds of stuff about me. What about you? I am guessing that you wouldn't have even made it to this page or even my site if you didn't have some sort of interest in photography or art. Why not drop me an email or leave a comment? Have a looksy at my blog and see what I have been creating and maybe what I can create for you. Local to Oregon? Like coffee? I do! Lets go have a cup and start a conversation.


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